6 Top Tips On How to Tell X% Of Something Is Blah Blah!!!!

Hey ho!

Apparently I’m not one of the 84% of some sort of professional or other that does something or other, or perhaps it was I’m not one of the apparently 84% of some sort of professional that does this or that.

What I am though, is one of the whatever number of idiots it is who signed up to learn something about whatever, or not. Thus my inbox seems to be filled daily with top tips on how to leanly curate market content that leverages user experience to through-flow quantifiable quality leads in a rebounded structureless dynamic flow on.

Of course, I just made that last sentence up, to take the mickey. But you know what, it was easy. Perhaps I should get a job writing this kind of drivel. Possibly too late for the bandwagon, but might just catch the dead horse…

In the end, it’s the irony that gets me – all this marketing expertise (read, tricks) to get me to market myself using their marketing tools. Hi ho, hi ho, its off to market we go, a yo ho ho, ho ho, ho ho…

(& just in case I’m being way too obtuse – I’m complaining about all the e-mail I get urging me to do stuff to optimise my web site’s search engine friendliness and to catch attention via social media, and the fact that all of this marketing which I receive, directed to me, uses over the top marketing tactics to try and catch my attention and to try and trick me into reading / buying into what they are pushing / selling)

p.s. perhaps I shouldn’t have written this immediately after drinking two bottles of reasonably good craft beer. In the bath.




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