Wet Towel On Your Head

Sometimes, when it’s really hot, there’s nothing else to be done but sit around with a wet towel on your head.

S’pose you could take some self portraits, I guess.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Caravaggio. Honest.

_DSF6062-4 X100s + TCL-X100, & Lightroom via Capture One Pro


4 thoughts on “Wet Towel On Your Head

  1. Great light, and we all now it’s the only thing that matters. You quite master your X100 tool too: what aperture are you comfortable with to take self portraits?


    • Hi Eric.


      I sit on a chair with the front legs lined up over the seams on the tatami, and then when I sit down I can easily line my head up with that. I have the timer set to 10 sec, and hold something large and contrasty (a large-ish round reflector cover in this case) on that same tatami seam plane to focus on. Then I just sit down and line myself up and wait. I did some yesterday at f5.6 and f8. At these apertures, most every image is sharp. But, I’ve pulled off f2.8 doing this before too. You get more misses that way, but pixels are cheap.




      • Thanks Dean. I like the way you show the depth of field but not too shallow, not too much.


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