Good Night, Good Morning

So, my children get all hyped up on planes, especially by the novelty of touch screen inflight entertainment console thingies. Thus it takes them ages to fall asleep.

Around 11pm last Wednesday night they finally fell asleep. Unwisely, I decided I now would get my money’s worth of film watching, especially of the more graphic and gory type.

Stupidly I watched films until around 2:30 am Thursday morning. Thinking I had best get some sleep I turned the screen off, closed my eyes and snuggled into a comfortable (as possible) position.

Then, almost to the second I did this, I sensed though my closed lids that the light level had increased. I opened my eyes to find the cabin lights all on.

Then the announcement: “Good morning everyone. We hope you had a good night’s rest. As it’s now 5:30 am in New Zeland, it’s time to wake up and have breakfast.”



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