5 Day Deal – The Complete Photography Bundle III

Warning: slight rant coming.*

I see that 5 Day Deal thing for photography is on again. For anyone interested here’s the link: https://5daydeal.com/

US$3,300 worth of photography stuff for only US$127. 96% off – woot woot!!

From around 26 different photography experts, talents, self-promotion gurus and people you’ve never heard of before (read into that clause what you will**), you can get over 70 hours of video tutorials, more than 600 actions and plugins, more than ten e-books and over 90 textures and overlays.

Sounds too good to be true? Down in the 5 Day Deal FAQ they say it isn’t. They say it’s all real. And a percentage of the sales goes to charity.

What’s not to love? Well…

“Worth” is a slippery term though, and my take is that what’s on offer is mostly just fill. The further you scroll down, the more like fill it seems. For example, who really needs a bundle that includes things like a preset to add a vignette? If you do, my advice would be to learn about your software a bit more.

Or a bundle containing 15 textures? I mean really, people give these things away free on the internet. Or, just be like me and go out and take some photographs of various walls and things to make your own textures – much more satisfying. Not to mention they will perfectly match your camera’s resolution / pixel count.

On the other hand, if you are currently (read: actually, really, truly, honestly) in the market for some of the stuff listed near the top, then it would represent good value. Not as much as last year I feel, but still good value. If you actually, really, truly, honestly need those specific things.

My advice would be, if you really only need one or two (or whatever) of these things, see how much they cost on their own first. And then, check out the alternatives / competition. After all, you still have 4 days and 20 hours to do so as I write this.

And finally, as I have unfortunately learnt to my cost when it comes to buying things on the internet that promise so much, let the buyer be aware of information asymmetry, and all that.

* maybe that should have been snide rant?

** hint: not necessarily listed in order of photographic ability


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