Along For The Ride – the XF 16 – 55mm f2.8

As well as taking an X-T1 & XF 56mm f1.2 R out today, I took along one of the new-ish XF 16 – 55mm f2.8 R LM WR lenses. Still on my way home, so nothing to say about the results yet, but it was very good to work with. Smooth, fluid, fast and hassle free.

Depending on the visual results, the question now would be, how much extra out of focus-ness does the difference in stops give, because the 16 – 55mm was just so versatile.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Along For The Ride – the XF 16 – 55mm f2.8

  1. Hi, Dean!
    I vowed never to use a prime lens on my X-System cameras (X-Pro1 & X-T1). However, a trip to Rome sort of forced me to buy the 16-55mm zoom so I didn’t have to keep swapping lenses! It is brilliant! Very sharp through the range. Take a look at my Rome images here on the Fuji Freak to see some results.


    • Hi Tony.

      Yeah, I found the 16-55 to be really useful. I picked it for the day partly because I thought the focal range would come in handy and also partly because the f2.8 aperture is reasonably fast and also constant throughout the range. All in all it worked out really well and I ended up using it a lot.



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