Soft Box Maintenance – More on the Japanese Shōji Paper Door

I wrote the other day about how wonderful the light is when filtered through a Japanese sliding paper screen door, or shōji. The down side is, being made from light wood and paper, they need regular maintenance. Or, more accurately, the paper often needs replacing.

Below is a short photo essay from when we did the doors from another room a few days ago. All the gritty image processing details under the last image. The landscape orientated photos in particular look much better clicked on and opened up (i.e. larger).

_DSF9844-Edit _DSF9849 1-Edit _DSF9850-Edit _DSF9856-Edit _DSF9861-Edit _DSF9863-Edit _DSF9868-Edit _DSF9870-Edit _DSF9885-Edit _DSF9888-Edit _DSF9890-Edit _DSF9891-Edit _DSF9903-Edit _DSF9911-Edit  All X100s & via Capture One Pro => Lightroom =>  Silver Efex Pro 2 => Lightroom (RAW conversion to a reasonably flat image then imported to Lightroom & sent straight to Silver Efex for push process +3 Agfa APX Pro & light coffee toning and finally back to lightroom for exposure, dodge / burn, contrast, etc, and final vignetting).

6 thoughts on “Soft Box Maintenance – More on the Japanese Shōji Paper Door

  1. Another lovely set of images. The shōji looks a very useful tool for diffusing light. Please may I ask what type of paper is used and what might be a suitable alternative here in England? Thanks for sharing… Tony


    • Yay, now I get to be a smarty pants! It’s shoji paper.

      Seriously though, it is paper sold specifically for that purpose, in rolls of various widths that correspond to the various door / panel sizes (with enough overlap for gluing and trimming). I think there are various types of real paper, and also tough wearing plastic (but very ‘paper like’) versions. It tends to be quite strong and thick. Sometimes (like in the ones in this essay) it comes with embossed patterns.

      If it were me, I’d find out what width news sheet off cut rolls* are and build a light weight wooden frame and just tape it to that. Then prop it up against a window or door getting good, direct light. I find I need it to be direct light, as the paper is quite thick.

      Failing the news sheet, I’d go to a large hardware store (or art or stationary supplier) and just see what they have. I often do that when I need something. For example, the reflector you see in the previous post was made out of foam core from a hardware store and a cheap car window sun shield from a 100 yen store (2 pound store?).

      It wouldn’t have to look pretty, cos it’s not usually in the photo.

      Hope this helps.

      * you know, the stuff news papers have left over that they sell to the public.

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  2. Hiya!

    Sorry for the slow reply.

    I’m not quite sure what you are referring to. Sorry.

    For what it is worth, repairs to paper doors often look like little paper patches. You can get ones that are pre-cut to look like leaves, blossoms, etc.


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