Hats Galore

I bought a new hat the other day.

For over thirty years I’ve admired the sartorial elegance of rude boys and similarly dapper English lads like Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon, especially the nice hats they and their contemporaries often seemed to sport. Ting is, I’ve never found a hat big enough for my head.* Enter America.

Anyway, now I’m bumping into cool people wearing cool hats all over the place. Here are two.

_DSF1358-Edit _DSF1446Both X100s & TCL-X100 via Capture One Pro and Photoshop / Lightroom & tweaked VSCO Kodak 160NC

Typed with a little Electric City help from Scorched Earth.

* that was a typo spot of patois & totally accidental – but I liked it & it seems to fit, so left it in



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