Checklists – A Portrait Session Necessity

This morning, after having done two quite rapid portrait sessions, I realised that under the pressure of getting things done quickly, I had once again forgotten a few basic things.

Typically, these tend to be about the person in front of the lens, because while worrying about all the technical considerations, which need to be taken care of if anything at all is to happen, it is so easy to overlook the subject.

There are lots of “checklists” online, but they are all (so far) about more sweeping things, like having charged batteries, location permits, changes of wardrobe, etc. What I’m talking about here is a specific checklist to jog one’s memory during the actual session, while the shutter is firing.


I actually have this kind of checklist already, one that I made up a while back. However, it grew far far too long to be useful – especially since it combined technical aspects with shot types / moods and posing considerations. It grew into a giant session workflow. Not so useful in the heat of things.

Now I’m going to try to make a short, quick reference one, just off the top of my head, of the things, in relation to the subject, that must be nailed down but that I at times forget. In no particular order, here goes:

1. posture 1 – erect

2. posture 2 – shape of spine

3. shadows in off-side eye socket (more fill?)

4. orphaned appendages (esp. hands / fingers)

5. head tilted down, creating double chins

6. stray elements entering edges of frames

7. fly aways (hair)

8. hot spots on nose, cheek or forehead

9. waist – visible?

10. larger number of / more variety in poses

11. umm, other stuff

That’s all I can think of now, off the top of my head. I’ll refine this over time, into something useful and sleek, and therefore easy to print out and quickly refer to.

3 x 2 = 3

The problem with group photography, is that there are too many eyes, all blinking away. Nothing you can do about it, except push the shutter button more. Doesn’t help though, when those oh so fleeting fluid little singular moments of spontaneous movement happen. Oh well.

In this case it was 3 x 2 = 3. Or perhaps, 3 x 2 = 2? Or maybe 3 x 2 = 1? Three people, with two eyes each, equaled three pairs of eyes, or three people with only two of them with their eyes open equalled two pairs, or, um, whatever…

Would have been good though.

_DSF8941-2 X100s + TCL-X100 & Capture One Pro / Lightroom + VSCO


More Recent Portrits

Here’s some more recent portraits. Don’t often find myself having more than one subject. I just worked out that I’ve known this couple for 24 years, since waking up after a party at my house to find them asleep on my couch, back when I lived in a village that made toilets. Wish I could write something more eloquently fitting for what delightful people they are.


_DSF8913-3 All X100s + TCL-X100 & Capture One Pro / Lightroom + VSCO

And, this is post #200 incidentally.