Okay, feeling naughty, here’s a photo.


Went somewhere..

Yesterday, I went somewhere. On a train. For an adventure.

Started with a self portrait, on the X100s, using square ratio and the Toy setting in the Advanced Filter mode. No doubt, more to follow.


Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter Price

Again, around midnight (just shy of 2am actually) and I notice that Yodobashi Camera is listing the new teleconverter lenses for the X100(s) at 32,330 yen.

Mind you, with a Yodobashi point card, you get 10% worth of points,* so the effective price is 29,079 yen.

29,079 yen is round about US$284.87 as of right now, and 205.20 Euro / 307.24 Oztralian dollars / 168.89 GB pound.

Been on sale since the 25th of last month too.

I see Map Camera, just down the street from Yodobashi, has it listed for 30,800 yen (301.73 US / 217.41 Euro / 325.25 Outbackian / 178.86 GBP).

Incidentally, a new X100s at Yodobashi Camera sells for 116,000 yen, and that works out at 104,400 yen as it gets the same 10% points (it’s an almost identical 104,700 yen at Map Camera). That’s US$1,022.28, and 736.74 Euro / 1,102.70 Auslandian dollars / 606.23 GB pound after factoring out the points.

That might help with comparing / guesstimating prices for the TCL-X100 – for example, a silver X100s at B&H is US$1299.**

* to claim the points, you need to have a Yodobashi point card – and why wouldn’t you, they’re free. The way it works, you buy the item (usually) at the listed price and the points percentage (it varies between products & payment methods) gets added to your card as accumulating credit (1 point = 1 yen). It’s kinda like getting the item cheaper so long as you spend the difference at the store at some other date (or not). So, taking the above TCL-X100 as an example, you’d pay 32,330 yen and come away with both the lens and 3233 yen of credit on your card. It’s a great system, I once had accumulated so many points from film and darkroom purchases that I bought a Voitlander R2 and 50mm lens on points alone. On the other hand, it’s probably mostly a great system for them, as they get to keep a bucket load of other people’s money hanging around in their bank accounts, you’re probably going to spend the points, which means more sales for them, and  your ‘discount’ price really only works out as around the same as the regular prices in most other places.

** & some kind of point card (at 4% for this item) for US orders only – clearly it’s not only Yodobashi / Japan that does this.