Chichibu Line – Into The Wilds

On the Chichibu line yesterday, into the wilds. Decided quite early that I was getting better results with square format. Also, while I understand all the criticisms of faux toy camera modes and recognise their intuitive validity,* I still find I really like the way Fujifilm does it, so decided to use that too. These and all that follow are pretty much chronological & with minimal post (kinda – deliberate exposure, levels, & maybe some shadow enhancement in Capture One and saved as TIF, and then similar or just hitting “Auto” in the Basic panel in Lightroom – which actually adds up to a lot in terms of the final impact).

_DSF4820 _DSF4821 _DSF4823 _DSF4826

* i.e. like many things that seem to make sense on the face of it, I don’t really think they are valid on examination