Wide and Shallow – the so-called Brenizer Method

The Brenizer Method is simply taking a grid of photos of a reasonably close portrait subject with a long or longish focal length and wide open (or close to it), and then stitching them together to make a single final portrait image.

What it gives you is an image that looks wide or wide-ish and still has a shallow depth of field. Usually it has a depth of field more shallow than you would expect for that lens and format. It is a great way to mimic medium or large format results.

It was popularised in recent times by the work of Ryan Brenizer, hence the name. It is also known as panoramic stitching, bokeh panorama and bokehrama. The actual technique or idea has been around for ages – since 1843 according to the Wikipedia entry.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with it for a while now. Here’s two recent-ish shots. With both more and less attention to fixing up the background oddness that can result. In fact, I often like the surreal weirdness that can occur after the stitching.


D lumberjack_Panorama1-Edit

Drinking Brew For Breakfast…

can’t fail.*

Self portrait with new hat.


X100s & TCL-X100 via Capture One Pro & Lightroom – VSCO Portra 400VC overlaid with Silver Efex Pro

*just in case that’s too obtuse, I’m referencing the Clash referencing rude boys. It’s been at least several days since I drank beer for breakfast

Hats Galore

I bought a new hat the other day.

For over thirty years I’ve admired the sartorial elegance of rude boys and similarly dapper English lads like Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon, especially the nice hats they and their contemporaries often seemed to sport. Ting is, I’ve never found a hat big enough for my head.* Enter America.

Anyway, now I’m bumping into cool people wearing cool hats all over the place. Here are two.

_DSF1358-Edit _DSF1446Both X100s & TCL-X100 via Capture One Pro and Photoshop / Lightroom & tweaked VSCO Kodak 160NC

Typed with a little Electric City help from Scorched Earth.

* that was a typo spot of patois & totally accidental – but I liked it & it seems to fit, so left it in