Gone Live

Following on from my recent posts about taking an adventurous foray into the world of professional portrait photography (this post and this post), I went live yesterday with my website.

Here’s a photograph, about nothing, other than it’s somewhere on the new site. tokyo-portrait-023

It’s not really ready, but as Zach Arias points out,* to wait until ready is to never start. He’s dead on with that – it’s been sitting for over a month, essentially unchanged, but not live. Probably nothing would have happened in that time, but who knows.

Here’s another.tokyo-portrait-051

I still need to put together a better selection of photographs for it (read: wider range), and I still need to refine and strip down the wording (I’m far too verbose), but I’m reasonably happy with it. I also need to figure out some way to get it actually ranked in search engines.

Anyway, here it is.


* possibly in his book, or maybe on his video, or maybe on one of his websites, or maybe everywhere – can’t remember now.