TCL-X100 Initial Thoughts & Two Quick Photos

Two quick observations and two quick snaps before I head off to the doctor.

First, I seem to be having trouble acquiring focus with auto focus.

Second, I seem to be having trouble nailing focus, especially at wide apertures. Even using off camera flash, which is slightly worrying.

Let’s make that three quick observations – when it is sharp, it’s sharp but not harsh. Pleasing for portraits.

Below are two quick ‘Children’s Day’ snaps, of my son wearing a¬†traditional Boys’ Day kabuto helmet. Both using the TCL-X100 and both lit with a soft box. First is at f7.1 (& sharp) and the second (slightly out of focus) at f2. At least the bokeh is nice.

Later, when I get the time, I intend to put up more wide-ish open / wide open portrait shots with the teleconverter, as I haven’t seen too many on the web yet.




3 thoughts on “TCL-X100 Initial Thoughts & Two Quick Photos

    • Hiya!

      I’ll write more about this later – the next semester starts on Monday and I’m not ready, so a little busy. Basically though, the focusing errors seem to be me, but still has trouble acquiring focus at times.


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